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International Moving FAQ

Moving overseas can be tough. Here, we answer some general questions about moving internationally with Turn Key Moving And Storage Solutions and their affiliates.

What can I expect working with Turn Key Moving And Storage Solutions?

At Turn Key Moving And Storage Solutions, we strive to provide a hassle-free overseas moving experience. To that end, you can expect outstanding customer service; assistance from an International Moving Coordinator; state-of-the-art online tracking of your move; English-speaking crew members; professional packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading services; and more!

How will my International Moving Coordinator help?

Clearing customs has become increasingly complicated due to heightened security concerns. That's where your International Moving Coordinator will help. Each coordinator has the expertise and knowledge needed to guide you through clearing customs.

What can I do to prepare for my international move?

You can prepare for your international move by sorting your belongings. Decide what will go into storage, what needs to be packed last, and what will remain in your home. Set aside accordingly. And don't forget to pack any and all personal items that will be traveling with you, including your passport and other important paperwork.

Are any items restricted during an international move?

Each country has its own list of restricted items, making international moving a little tricky. That's where Turn Key Moving And Storage Solutions comes in. We help avoid any problems or delays in clearing customs by providing you with customs documents at the start of your move. In these documents, you'll also find a list of items prohibited from entry into your destination country.

How will I know if my belongings are safe?

Our online satellite tracking system, GlobalCom, allows you to monitor your shipment while in transit, from loading to customs to delivery. This tracking technology is on all of our freights and flights,

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